Project Management

Project Planning

We have a very cohesive team of eight full time specialists with many years of experience working together to earn the trust of our clients. We have developed a large base of experience and best practices over a diverse range of disciplines. With a crystal-clear objective in place, a successful project begins with budgeting, planning and resource allocation. No matter how detailed or complex your project may be, you can depend on open and clear communication with our team throughout the project. We employ online project management software that allows our clients to share in the exchange of information and ideas, and monitor the results as we progress through project milestones. “No assembly required”—simply log into our website and you will have access to your project milestones, discussions, proofs and resources. It’s truly an immersive and exciting way to experience your projects taking shape.

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Brand & Content Strategy

No matter how good your product or the experience you offer, if you’re speaking the wrong language or the claim you make is wrong for the audience; all is lost. We can help you define your audience and tailor your communications to deliver results that engage your audience and add weight and credibility to your brand promise.

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Marketing Consulting

From discoveries to strategies and implement-ation, our team has the experience to assist you in reaching your audience. Through social media and other forms of online campaigns to the fundamentals of print advertising, we can help you build or refine both your plan and the communication tools you’ll need to succeed.

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Planning the User Experience

From simple print literature to advanced interactive training platforms, we plan and design from the mindset of the end user. Our goal is to always maximize the qualitative experience your audience has with the products that we develop. From complex software navigation systems to the layout and structure of a textbook, we take great pride creating intuitive meaning in complicated or non-linear concepts. Turning the complicated into simplicity is a design process that happens early in the planning stages of the project. Managing projects with this end-goal in mind results in a positive and memorable experience for your audience.

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Advertising Campaigns

When a clear message has been established and the marketing direction has been defined, we can lead you into a clever and memorable campaign stage. Our team has experience in all of the traditional media, developing content for online, broadcast television, radio, and of course the burgeoning (but not so traditional) multi-faceted online forms of ad campaigns. Our involvement in this aspect of your project will ensure a dynamic and creative approach to campaign theme development that will have all avenues of design and development at your complete disposal.

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Design & Publishing

Corporate Identity Design

Possibly one of the most important design related decisions in the communications arena. This process requires a very articulate understanding of your organization and audience. Although this development process is often client-initiated as a standalone project, results are more succinct when coupled with more extensive brand research, development and planning. Corporate identity design is often mistakenly isolated as a “logo.” Although the development of a solid and memorable brandmark is an important aspect of this process, it is only one aspect in the myriad of elements and brand collateral that can be used to control your organizations’ perceived personality. Our approach to identity design is multi-faceted and sets the tone for all other elements that follow in the future. For example; vehicle lettering, corporate memos, advertising, annual reports and public announcements are all developed according to the direction and directives set forth in the corporate identity—which in turn is developed according to the mandates of the brand and content strategy.

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Large Document Publishing

With well over a decade of experience in managing large document publishing, we employ the most advanced publishing and information management software available today. Our workflow allows for easy updating of the most technical document structures and allows for easy cross-platform publishing. We continue to publish a vast number of large technical manuals, hard and soft cover books (some of which have won international awards) and many magazines and periodicals.

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Brand Collateral

This is everything you use to inform, communicate or reinforce your brand strategy. We pride ourselves in the design of poignant brand collateral that speaks boldly to your audience. This can often take the form of brochures, brandmark (logos), folders, insert sheets, audio and online materials. However, when traditionally dry materials such product nomenclature or operator’s manuals are carefully crafted, even these can become very strong elements of brand collateral by reinforcing your brand messaging.

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Digital & Print Advertising

We have one of the strongest teams of creative professionals in the industry. We know how to create advertising that stands out in the crowd and clearly and decisively delivers your brand message. Coupled with our photographic and illustrative capabilities, we have created advertising campaigns using both still and animated techniques. No matter the approach, our products have an impact on the audience and leave a lasting impression of quality, credibility and value through brand messaging.

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Education & Presentation Materials

These types of materials often require a high level of creative thought, planning and illustrative or photographic resources. All of which we have—in abundance. Large format displays such as trade show materials, interactive displays or online animated processes are all areas in which we excel through stimulating design that keep your brand, message and audience in mind.

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Product Packaging

Our approach to product package design is to create clarity, and make your product stand out amidst the rhetoric of competing products. We incorporate your brand philosophy into a design approach that will add credibility and value to the brand perception. When it comes to purchase decisions it’s emotions first, rationalization second. Let us put that to work for you.

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Signage & Displays

All too often it’s straight to the traditional when it comes to signage. We work closely with 3D signage manufacturers, traditional vinyl experts and other professionals to create indoor and outdoor displays and signage that are unique and really captivate an audience.

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Print Production

When it comes to document publishing many of our clients manage print production on their own. For the majority however, the technicalities in ensuring colour accuracy, media selection and proofing are all areas that they would rather leave to us. Tables of contents, glossaries, indexes, cross references and design are just where things begin for us. We also offer a single-source solution for all of your print collateral and distribution needs. We have multiple sources available for any print production requirements and fantastic relationships with some of the largest printers and binderies in Canada. From offset and web presswork to vinyl signage or dry mount plaques for your next sales campaign—we've done it all—and often for prices that are lower than those available directly to our clients.

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It doesn't matter what it is, it's all about design; Each seemingly insignificant decision made throughout the design process, every all plays a roll in how others interpret the visual assets that represent your organization and your values. We understand this, and apply this philosophy in everything we create. In our design process very little happens by accident and when those "happy accidents" (to borrow a line from Bob Ross) do occur, they are carefully scrutinized by our entire design team to ensure that "clever" is never a substitute for practical and solid design work.


Commercial Photography

We have a strong in-house group of commercial photographers with extensive experience in producing dynamic photographs for museum and art galleries, corporations, government agencies and the hospitality and tourism sectors. With some of the highest quality photographic equipment available in our industry today, we create parallax correct interior and exterior photographs, or product photographs of unrivaled quality and clarity. We provide special assignment secure photographic services for the armed forces and dignitaries and have provided these services to both Canadian and foreign nations. Many of our photographs have been featured internationally appearing in coffee table books, magazines, broadcast television, brochures and a myriad of sales literature. Although we have an in-house studio for commercial product photography, we also provide on-location services that include 360º view shots or studio quality product photographs for a variety of clients.

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3D Illustration

3D modeling and photo-realistic 3D renders can be used as powerful illustration tools. Our 3D illustrations are used to accurately visualize architectural designs, industrial design products, and technical details in marketing materials, training manuals, technical documents, and advertisements.

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2D Illustration

We create 2D illustrations by using traditional illustration techniques in combination with digital processes to create stunning 2D artwork. Our 2D illustrations are featured in mapping or geological illustration, books, brochures, and publications, and are often used in web site development as icons, animations, textures, and other graphics.

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can add a tremendous “wow” factor to web projects, multimedia presentation, and video productions. We use industry leading software applications to bring motion and interactivity to digital graphics. We create stunning special effects often used to demonstrate difficult processes in technologies and industrial innovation. We have developed many of these elements for training materials and broadcast television.

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Video Production

We can handle video projects of all sizes, including the production of promotional videos and commercials, educational and training videos, and event videography. Our video production services start right at the conceptual stage, as we can help you develop the story board, script and creative style for your production. Our expertise extends through to editing and post-production animated and special-effect sequences, allowing us to provide our clients with professional, engaging video productions.

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Interactive Development

Information Architecture

Site architecture involves creating clear and intuitive site navigation. This is key to the success of any interactive design project. With larger online projects this organizational story-boarding process can be somewhat time consuming but is a vital process in ensuring both a positive user experience, and future site scalability. Our user-minded approach to site organization and structure will aid your visitors in easily finding the information they need. See also: Project Management > Planning the User Experience

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Interactive Visual Design

We excel at creating beautifully crafted websites and applications. Much of that success relies on a deep understanding of traditional design best practices coupled with leading edge design technologies. These fundamentals when applied in accordance with the overall brand strategies, result in digital content that regularly exceed expectations. Working from a strong understanding of your goals, we deliver completely custom design solutions that engage your visitors through creative, thought-provoking visuals.

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Content Management Systems

When you need your online information to be flexible, we can craft your website to employ our easy-to-use, content management system (CMS) which allows you to instantly update your online content yourself. Each site is built with leading web technologies such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript incorporating a MySQL database on the backend. With our custom CMS integrated into your web site, you will have all of the control you need (often no training necessary) to update any areas of your site that you need to. Your content will be dynamic, up-to-date, and always relevant. We do not use “off the shelf” top-heavy CMS systems that are bloated and complicated for you to use. Each system is custom programmed by our in-house staff to suit your specific needs.

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Copywriting & Content Strategy

The user experience is only as good as the content delivered. We’ve found that nothing draws and retains online visitors better than engaging, well crafted content. Photo and video shoots, image sourcing, graphics production, and copywriting are a few ways we help clients develop on-brand experiences that build users’ trust and loyalty.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Each web site that we build is structurally optimized for strong search engine placement, making it easy for Google and other search engines to discover and index your content. The most effective way to achieve great positioning in a search result is by producing content that is properly organized (so as to be meaningful for the search engines) and delivering that content using industry best practices. We offer supplemental SEO services that will enhance the visibility of your web site and expose your organization to a larger audience.

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Mobile Development

We offer a full range of application development and visual design services to to allow for the full implementation of your mobile application. The integration of your online services and content with a mobile platform package, can achieve results that are truly stunning. Call us or or use the contact form to send us an email to learn more about this very broad area of capabilities.